RE: a question


Does anyone know if someone is working on providing DODS data
reading capability for VisAD?


Mike McCann   (mccann@xxxxxxxxx)
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 8:52 AM
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> All of VisAD, including the VisAD SpreadSheet, is governed by
> the GNU Library General Public License.  In short, you can use
> the software for as long as you want for free, you can examine
> and modify the source code, and use it in your own software
> packages with a few restrictions.  You can find more details on
> the license in the visad/NOTICE file of the VisAD distribution.
> VisAD can currently import data of the following types:
>    and FITS.
> If your XML page contains data that is not one of these types,
> you would have to write some Java code to import it into VisAD.
> -Curtis
> At 10:00 7/11/00, you wrote:
> >hi i had a look on the VisAD library and to the SpreadSheet..
> >
> >i find it very interesting but i have few questions that i 
> would like u to answer:
> >1. is the visAD SpreadSheet a shareware application?
> >2. Could it import data form an XML page?
> >
> >i would appreciate u to reply soon..
> >Thank You very much....

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