Displaying missing data


  I'm pretty new to all this so please bear with me...

  A more accurate subject would be "Not displaying missing data".  I
have data (a time series) which occasionally are missing values.  I am
plotting the data as a line plot, and need to show missing points as
discontinuities in the line (line, gap, line, gap, etc).  Should I break
up the data into multiple sets and arrays of values?  It seems to be
that is what I'll have to do, though I don't know what I'm doing so I
could be wrong :)



ps Has anyone considered setting up a VisAD news server?  Personally, I
find such a configuration to be more flexible than a mailing list and
archive....just a thought...

Paul Gifford, Capt, USAF
325 S Broadway EGC2
Boulder CO 80303

303-497-6556 voice
303-497-6513 fax

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