Re: a question

All of VisAD, including the VisAD SpreadSheet, is governed by
the GNU Library General Public License.  In short, you can use
the software for as long as you want for free, you can examine
and modify the source code, and use it in your own software
packages with a few restrictions.  You can find more details on
the license in the visad/NOTICE file of the VisAD distribution.

VisAD can currently import data of the following types:
   and FITS.

If your XML page contains data that is not one of these types,
you would have to write some Java code to import it into VisAD.


At 10:00 7/11/00, you wrote:
>hi i had a look on the VisAD library and to the SpreadSheet..
>i find it very interesting but i have few questions that i would like u to 
>1. is the visAD SpreadSheet a shareware application?
>2. Could it import data form an XML page?
>i would appreciate u to reply soon..
>Thank You very much....

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