Problem with DisplayImplJ3D

Hello group,

I have a problem with DisplayImplJ3D. In my application, one larger JPanel
contains one small JPanel (pnl_top) with some Swing controls in it (placed
with BorderLayout.NORTH in the large JPanel) and another JPanel
(pnl_display) with the DisplayImplJ3D in it (placed with BorderLayout.CENTER).

When I click on one of the JComboBoxes in pnl_top, the list of items does
not show up as expected, but is hidden under the black background of

I have a very similar design of panels with a DisplayImplJ2D, and there the
combo boxes work fine (the list of items shows up on top of the background
of pnl_display).

I am using Win NT, a very recent download of VisAD, jdk1.2.2, and Java3D

Any hints?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hartmut Frenzel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Computer Science and Mathematics Division
Phone: (865) 241-0874
Fax: (865) 241-2850
E-mail: frenzelh@xxxxxxxx

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