Re: Access to Coordinates

Hi Gopal

Suppose you have a class VisADTest. The following
codes could help you what you need.

public class VisADTest implements DisplayListener{

DisplayImpl display;
float lat,lon;


public void displayChanged( DisplayEvent de )

  if (de.getId() == DisplayEvent.MOUSE_PRESSED_CENTER) {

       DisplayRenderer dr = display.getDisplayRenderer();
       lat = (float)dr.getDirectAxisValue(RealType.Latitude);
       lon = (float)dr.getDirectAxisValue(RealType.Longitude);


// codes.....

}// end of class

Ko Ko

Vimal Gopal wrote:

> Bill and others,     I noticed that when I click both mouse buttons at
> the same time I am able to view the coordinates of the location my
> pointer is on at the top left corner of the window.  I was wondering
> whether this information (the coordinates) is available to
> programmer's wanting to utilize this information in their own programs
> or whether it is encapsulated and hidden away.  In other words is
> there a method that returns the coordinates and if so, which method
> does this? Thanks, Vimal Gopal

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