Re: IndexOutOfBoundsException

hi bill and all the others,
i am using the latest jdk1.3 and tried to get rid of that
IndexOutOfBoundsException. working on the problem i encountered this mail:

>Hi Domagoj,
>An Exception just like the one you reported
>[java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in
>java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck()] was reported this morning
>on the Java3D mailing list, by someone not using VisAD.
>This was reported as a bug in the Java3D beta for version 1.2.
>Are you using the Java3D beta?
>If you or anyone on the VisAD mailing list are using the
>Java3D beta, I suggest installing Java3D 1.1.3 instead.

the java3d-version that produced this exception together with jdk1.3 was:
"java3d 1.2sdk (open gl version)" - no beta version.
ok, i installed Java3D 1.1.3 instead, but now the 3ddisplay are left empty -
they look just like a big empty JFrame, there isn't even the black
background of the display, although the program doesn't throw any exception.
what can i do to solve this problem? do i have to use jdk1.2.2?



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