Re: Axis labeling and axis interaction

Hi Henner,

>         hi again and thanks for your answer bill , ...
>         but i have to ask again.
>         >There are a couple of ways to create custom axis labels:
>         >1. Extend visad.java3d.DefaultDisplayRendererJ3D, and override its
>         >createSceneGraph() method to create your labels as part of your
>         >"box".
>         hm, sorry, but i have absolutely no idea how to do this. i already
> took a look at the source code, but it didn't really help me. ok, i would
> call super.createSceneGraph() in my subclass before doing something, but...

In this approach, you would create a new class like:

  public class MyDisplayRenderer extends DefaultDisplayRendererJ3D {

  public BranchGroup createSceneGraph(View v, TransformGroup vpt,
                                      VisADCanvasJ3D c) {

    . . .
    LineArray box_geometry = new LineArray(my_number_of_vertices,
    box_geometry.setCoordinates(0, my_box_verts);
    . . .

where the code is identical to the code from DefaultDisplayRendererJ3D
except you construct your own my_box_verts.  I recommend instead the
second approach:

>         >2. Create your labels as VisADLineArrays and put them in
>         >ShapeControls for some RealType mapped to Display.Shape.  There's
>         >an example in visad/bom/
>         >
>         >In a DisplayImplJ3D the "box" spans X, Y and Z coordinates from
> -1.0
>         >to 1.0.  You can use the visad.PlotText.render_label() method to
>         >help you draw text for your labels.
>         yes, i think i understood this, it's the creation you mentioned in
> point one -isn't it?
>         but how dow create them "as part of my box"? i also don't know what
> realtype i should use for mapping.
>         i tried the one i already mapped to the xaxis, but the labels where
> plotted at the position of the data, of course. also a dummy realtype
> doesn't really work, because they always seem to be plotted with a fixed y
> value, so they don't stay on the x-axis when the plot is zoomed.

You will either need to encode the proper X, Y and Z offsets into the
geometry of the VisADLineArrays, or use a RealTuple with RealTypes
mapped to XAxis, YAXis and ZAxis, plus a RealType mapped to Shape.

What you are asking to do is a bit complex.  I recommend spending
some time studying existing programs that use Shape, such as
visad/bom/, visad/examples/
and visad/rabin/

Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

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