Re: Other question


Have you tried increasing the JVM's maximum heap size?
The command is:
    java -mx128m JavaApp
where "JavaApp" is your application, and "128" is the number
of megabytes maximum memory you wish to grant the JVM.

If you still receive OutOfMemoryErrors, then Jim's analysis
is probably accurate in that you simply do not have enough
memory to deal with a dataset of that size.


At 15:05 5/31/00, Jim Edwards wrote:
>You are asking for 96+MB (assuming 4 bytes per element) of memory to store
>one array!
>Double that if one of your calls required a copy.
>  I assume you are running unix?
>First make sure you have that much memory available on your system, run:
>$ ulimit -a
>that should tell you how much memory you have available and how much of
>that can be used for data.
>Note that lots of things other than your program need to reside in memory
>so you can't use it all.
>If these numbers do not correspond to the amount of memory you think you
>1. Make sure you really have as much as you think you have.
>2. Find out (probably from your sys-ad) how to get access to more of it.
>It may be possible to
>     increase your memory alotment as user but most systems require root
>access to do so. (try $ man ulimit)
>If you're lucky that's your only problem, but I suspect there may also be
>java related issues.
>Good Luck.
>Ricardo Ivan Mantilla G wrote:
> > Hello visad Users:
> >
> > Somebody knows how can i solve this error?
> >
> > java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:
> >         at visad.FlatField.unpackValues(
> >         at visad.FlatField.unpackValues(
> >         at visad.FlatField.computeRanges(
> >         at visad.DataImpl.computeRanges(
> >         at visad.DataRenderer.prepareAction(
> >         at visad.DisplayImpl.doAction(
> >         at visad.java2d.DisplayImplJ2D.doAction(
> >
> >         at
> >         at visad.util.ThreadPool$
> >
> > It occurs when I load data of a 2000 x 2000 x 6 image into a dysplay
> >
> > thanks
> > Ricardo

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