Simulation Visualization (fwd)

We've got an event-based communication middleware that
lets someone stream events from multiple sources of any
type to multiple sinks.  It crosses C/Java transparently.

Last fall we used the middleware to stream events
from an HDF5 file to VisAD.  We wrote a separate piece of
C code to stream the events out of the HDF5 file,
then another piece to receive events at VisAD and
make the right calls.

Others can tell you for certain, but I believe VisAD has a
mechanism for periodically servicing a socket that
gets you part of the way there. 

If you're interested, the C/C++ version of the 
event middleware is at:

The Java complement should be released soon.

beth plale

> I'm thinking of using VisAD for run-time visualization as part of a
> simulation framework. The simulation is "tick-based" such that some
> computation occurs each tick, data is generated and then visualized. So
> the visualization is dynamic and updated each tick. From a brief scan
> through the mailing list archives it looks like VisAD would be suited
> for this. Is it? Has anybody done anything similar?
> I have been using sequence charts and bar graphs from JClass, but they
> aren't giving me the flexibilty I need. 
> thanks,
> Nick
> -- 
> Nick Collier
> Social Science Research Computing
> University of Chicago
> nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Beth Plale                      beth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Georgia Institute of Technology 1 404 894 1540
College of Computing            Fax  1 404 894 9442
Atlanta, GA  30332-0280  U.S. 

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