Problem with sat image display


Is there a problem with satellite image displays with the latest
version of visad?

I have the following message when I run TestArea
(in the directory visad/data/mcidas/ ) using
the latest version of visad.The display is just
a plain gray color(see the screen snapshot
attached in file satimg_used_new.gif).

visad.SetException: UnionSet: CoordinateSystems do not match!
        at visad.UnionSet.find_manifold_dim(Compiled Code)
        at visad.UnionSet.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at visad.UnionSet.<init>(
        at Code)
        at TestArea.main(Compiled Code)

If I used the old version that's fine.
(attached as satimg_used_old.gif).



GIF image

GIF image

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