Re: larger data set size

Robert S Laramee wrote:
> Hi John,
> >
> > along these same lines, i have a little app i wrote that reads ASCII
> > data files, builds a VisAD data structure with the data and writes out
> > netCDF files (for use with the SpreadSheet).  these netCDF files are
> > signifigantly larger than the ASCII!  2.6 Mb of ASCII data becomes a 4.6
> > Mb netCDF file.  is this expected, or is it likely i'm doing something
> > wrong?
> Are you using Java's Output Object Serialization to do this?  I ran into a
> very similar problem with Java's ObjectOutputStream. If you are invoking:

No - I'm just using a Plain Object to do the saving, as in:

  public void saveData(String outputFileName, Data d) throws
RemoteException {
    File f = new File(outputFileName);
    Plain saver = new Plain();, d, true);
    saver = null;


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