larger data set size

Hello to Bill H. and the VisAD list,

Who else out there is working with larger data set sizes?  I'm trying to
render isosurfaces from a 128 x 128 x 128 (2,097,152) volume data set and
I'm getting an java.lang.OutOfMemoryError error.  Has anyone else had
success with this data set size or larger?

I'm running Red Hat Linux with 128 megabytes of RAM.  I'm also running
the Java Virtual Machine with a maximum heap size of 128M. e.g.

%  java -Xmx128m Application

I'm not sure where things break down.  I wonder if it's somewhere in the
Gridded3DSet.class.  I know it outputs the error before the call to
Gridded3DSet.makeIsoSurface().  Whoever has had success, how much memory
are you using and what is it that you are rendering?

-cheers, bob

PS  64 x 64 x 64 (262,144) seems to work fine.

Robert S Laramee        tel:    (603) 868-1361
9 Woodman Ave, #316     office: (603) 862-0350
Durham, NH 03828        URL:

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