anyone plotting coastlines?

Hello folks,
a beginner....i'm struggling with trying to understand how to plot a
coastline.  i have sets of points forming line segments but can't see how
to use the visad data set types to connect the dots.  i'm sure the examples
are there - but so far i haven't been able to find them.

do i use the IrregularSet class?  what to i do to implement? code snippets
welcome & appreciated.....

Also, i've got a set of Quikscat wind speeds at irregular points in a
scalar and am about to write an objective analysis class to fill in the
holes so i can isocontour.  i see hints of grid interpolation methods but
still find it hard to understand how to implement (i'm not that familiar
with how the pieces fit together) - so find myself resorting to custom code
to keep my spirits up.  suggestions welcome here too!

having fun,

John F. Moses
Computer Sciences Corp.
EOSDIS Science Operations, ESDIS Project Code 423
BLD 32, E209I
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771
Voice @ GSFC:  (301) 614-5308
FAX @ GSFC:    (301) 614-5267
Email:          John.F.Moses@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email:          jfmoses@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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