question on DisplayRendering

Hello Folks,
how can i set the default display size and still use the VisAD 2D
implementation?  i'd like to set it at 360 by 180 (i,e, to depict a
rectangular latlon grid rather than a square).

i'm having a little trouble understanding whether i can reference the
setPreferredSize method in DisplayPanelJ2D.  is this possible?


John F. Moses
Computer Sciences Corp.
EOSDIS Science Operations, ESDIS Project Code 423
BLD 32, E209I
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771
Voice @ GSFC:  (301) 614-5308
FAX @ GSFC:    (301) 614-5267
Email:          John.F.Moses@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email:          jfmoses@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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