reply to John Moses

>Hi Folks,
>i'm just starting, with some experience with java, but no experience with HDF.
>i'm trying to read quikscat Level 2b files from JPL DAAC.

Hi John,

VisAD has file readers for HDF-5, and HDF-EOS which is an interface
to HDF-4.  Since you're trying to look at a DAAC file, you'll want
to use the HDF-EOS file adapter.  Instructions for obtaining and
installing HDF-EOS can be found at:

Here's a snippet of code showing how to use the HDF-EOS adapter
in an application:

//- use the big file, memory caching form
HdfeosAdaptedForm form = new HdfeosAdatpedForm();
DataImpl file_data = file_name);

If you're having any trouble with a particular file, please
let me know.


Tom Rink                                             rink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Space Science and Engineering Center         Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: 608-265-2324

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