Re: Export data from SpreadSheet

>I'd like to add a menuitem in the file menu to export data to HDF5 file.
>I find out that I have to add code in FancySSCell and BasicSSCell.
>This is something I don't like to do. I really don't want to change any
>visad code. If you can change the code a little bit, I don't need to
>touch FancySSCell and BasicSSCell to implement the save function
>for HDF5 file.

Hi Peter,

A more general solution would be for me to add a "Custom" menu to the GUI,
then add a method to the SpreadSheet class like:
    public void addMenuItem(String itemName, Method m);

This way, you could add a menu item to the SpreadSheet Custom menu that
calls the specified Method when it is selected by the user.  You'd be free
to add as many new menu items as you like.

Let me know if this sounds like it will meet your needs, and if you have
any other suggestions for the Spread Sheet.  I am open to any suggestions
for extending the code to make the Spread Sheet more usable for everyone.


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