Bill, et al.,

Suppose I want to construct a FlatField for a 5D double dataset.
Here is some example code.


RealType dimension_types[] = {new RealType("dim1"), new RealType("dim1"),
    new RealType("dim2"), new RealType("dim3"), new RealType("dim4")};
RealTupleType domain = new RealTupleType(dimension_types);
RealTupleType range = new RealTupleType(new RealType("Data range"));
FunctionType field_type = new FunctionType(domain, range);

int[] d = {1000, 500, 100, 50, 20};
IntegerNDSet domain_set = new IntegerNDSet(domain, d);
DoubleSet[] range_set = {new DoubleSet(range)};
FlatField ff = new FlatField(field_type, domain_set, null, null, range_set,

Obviously, it will not work because the dataset has 400GB
So I want to use FileFlatField instead of FlatField. There is only one
for FileFlatField, FileFlatField(FileAccessor accessor, CacheStrategy
I don't know how to set the FileAccessor and CacheStrategy. I couldn't find
such example in the Developers Guide. Could tell me how to construct such a 
FileFlatField ?


Peter Xiangchi Cao
Tel. (217) 244-3830
Fax. (217) 244-1987
Scientific Data Technologies Division
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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