Re: radar display

Hi Doug,

Bill and I (well mainly Bill) did some work on this back in August/September.
My objective was to prove that VisAD was suitable for displaying radar data,
and I believe it lived up to that expectation.

To run the program, you will need an example radar data file ("radar.dat")
in the visad\bom directory. I'll email you that separately.

To run:
will give a pseudo 3D display with reflectivity mapped to the Z axis

java 3D
will give a 3D display with actual beam height mapped to the Z axis

So effectively both displays are designed for "single level" data.
Mapping the beam height to Z was done in preparation for
displaying multi-level data (full volumetric type scans) in a genuine
3D display.

If you are wanting to do full volumetric displays, that will probably
require some additional work by a VisAD guru to provide volume
rendering of the multi-level data (currently, you'll end up with a series
of scans, one on top of the other).

Hope this helps,


Doug Lindholm wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm about to embark on an effort to incorporate radar data into a VisAD
> display.  I noticed some suggestive classes:*.  I'd
> appreciate any words of wisdom on these or any other efforts to
> visualize radar data before I dive in.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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