Re: setRange on IsoContour gives NullPointerException

John J Brecht wrote:
> when i try to call setRange on an IsoContour I get a
> NullPointerException.  Specifically it happens at line 435 of
>       ((ContourControl) control).getMainContours(bvalues, values);
> It would seem that "control" is null at this point.  The general context
> of this is that I am adding the ranges of Display objects to what is
> saved by the SpreadSheet's save function.  When I try to open a
> SpreadSheet file containing a cell which has data mapped to IsoContour,
> when I get to the point in my code where I call setRange on that map, I
> get the above exception.
> john

Also, is there any way to get at the currently selected values of a
SelectRangeWidget (which i want to do for the same reason as above)? 
I've tried to look into it, and it seems they are based on the value of
minValue and MaxValue in RangeSlider, which have no accessors.

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