Re: Why?

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Eugene Tan wrote:

> OK...I've tried using Gridded1DSet with the following constructor:
> //field1 is a FieldImpl with FunctionType (Real): 
> //(Time) -> (MinTemp, MaxTemp)
> Gridded1DSet validSet = Gridded1DSet(field1.getDomainSet().getType(),
>                                      field1.getDomainSet().getSamples(),
>                                    field1.getDomainSet().getLength());

I seem to have found the problem with the above line.
field1.getDomainSet().getType().toString() gives me "Set(time)"

Is there a way to get it to return just the string "time" because the
MathType of the domain component is "time" and not "Set(time)".

Thanks in advance.


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