Re: XML and Visad.


>       did anybody by accident think of extending the SpreadSheet with XML
> data-read in capability? 
> For standalone applications, it wouldn't be hard to use IBM's or Sun's
> parser .. but I was wondering if anybody has done anything in that
> direction

We have been thinking about interoperability of VidAD objects with other
kinds of representation. XML has been lingering in the background of
our minds for quite a while, but is now a hot topic here (and most other
places, given the front page XML coverage in most Java journals).

Because VisAD objects (presumably FlatField) are the richest we are likely
to deal with, it is logical to have VisAD-XML interoperability available
first and then implement it in other forms (eg, relational database tables).

It's important, though, that a VisAD-XML Java library be extensible so that
a super-set of VisAD data can be represented if the need arises.

Bill H has provided some useful guidelines in his email on Friday. If
somebody is working on such a library, we would like to make contact.

Cheers, Mal.

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