Re: source updated on VisAD ftp server

Bill Hibbard wrote:
> I just updated the source file (visad_src-2.0.jar) and the
> class file (visad.jar) on the ftp server at:
> So all recent fixes are now available.

Sorry I forgot to mention this yesterday, but:

The latest version of VisAD available for FTP has a slight API change.

If you've created an object which is a ScalarMapListener, you'll need
to add a method like:

        public void controlChanged(ScalarMapControlEvent evt)
          throws VisADException, RemoteException

This is because ScalarMaps now send out an event when their associated
Control is added, replaced or removed.  This allows applications to
move ScalarMaps between Displays and have any associated widgets
automatically adapt.

See DisplaySwitch in the examples/ directory, which toggles between a
2D and 3D display.

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