Re: setSamples

I'm trying to resample a field using a new set of times (my domain is
time). Here's what I'm trying to do:

//f is a FieldImpl loaded from a netCDF file.

Tuple fTuple = (Tuple)f.getSample(0);
int cols = fTuple.getDimension();  //get number of columns

//f.getDomainSet().getType().toString() gives "Set(Time)"
//time is an array [1][3] of floats
Gridded1DSet newSet = new Gridded1DSet(f.getDomainSet().getType(), time, 

FlatField subField = new FlatField((FunctionType)f.getType(), newSet);
//printing the FunctionType gives "(Real): (Time) -> (MinTemp,MaxTemp)"

float[][] dataArray = new float[cols][time[0].length];

//fill in dataArray here - the test data is below 
//Col: 0 Row: 0 Value: 32.0
//Col: 0 Row: 1 Value: NaN
//Col: 0 Row: 2 Value: NaN
//Col: 1 Row: 0 Value: NaN
//Col: 1 Row: 1 Value: NaN
//Col: 1 Row: 2 Value: NaN

//it works up to here

subField.setSamples(dataArray); //this is where it CRASHES

//error message below:
visad.FieldException: setSamples: bad array length
        at visad.FlatField.setSamples(
        at visad.FlatField.setSamples(
        at progTest.main(

//printing out the length of dataArray gives rows: 3 cols: 2
//subField.getLength() gives 3
//subField.getRangeDimension() gives 2

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? It keeps crashing
whenever I try to setSamples but when I check the length of everything,
it looks right.

One thing I noticed was that if at least one of the values in Col: 1 is
not NaN, then it works. Is there a way to setSamples without crashing out
if everything is a NaN?



   _--_|\     Eugene Tan <E.Tan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  /      \    AutoTAF Project Developer 
  \_.--.*/    Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
        v     Telephone: +613 9669 4652

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