Re: Why?


>Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 03:55:25 -0600
>From: Bill Hibbard <hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: Eugene Tan <chet@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Why?

In the above message, you wrote:

> This Exception is being thrown when it tries to convert Units
> from 'validSet' to the domain Set of FlatField 'f'.  I am not
> an expert on CDL, but it looks like the domain of 'f' is
> Time with Units 's' (for seconds).

I guess I am an expert on CDL and your analysis looks correct: the
domain of the function in the CDL file will be "Time" with units of
"s" (seconds).  The name "Time" is one of the few dimension names
recognized by the netCDF import subsystem (the others being "Latitude"
and "Longitude").  By default, if the netCDF dimension doesn't have an
associated coordinate-variable, then the VisAD RealType corresponding
to the dimension will have the default unit of second.

This explains why the unit of the domain of the function is second.  It
doesn't explain, however, why the unit of the resample domain is degrees

Steve Emmerson   <>

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