Re: Using VisadSS for my own financial datas

"Ethan Ang" wrote:
> Hi all, I'm new to this visad thing, and I'm quite fascinated.
> Well, I'm basically trying to do visualization on financial data, and I
> was hoping to use VisAd to achieve it. I know it can be done, but I'm
> looking for the fastest method available, that's why i'm looking into
> using VisadSS.
> Basically, visadss suffices for my current requirements, only problem is
> that I don't know how to get it to read my data. I have a few sets of
> time series data, and i intend to play around with them (using different
> X,Y,Z,color, anim etc). Is there any simple way whereby I can get SS to
> read my data?
> I have full access to my data, and can format it to whichever way it is
> easy for SS.

There aren't really any text data input adapters right now, but it probably
wouldn't be too hard to write one.

For a dead-simple example, check out visad/data/gif/, specifically
GIFForm and GIFAdapter.  Actually, GIFForm isn't really necessary for
a quick-and-dirty implementation, since you just want to read in some data.
These aren't directly applicable to your problem, but they're probably the
simplest examples of file adapters, which are the way to get data from
the outside world into VisAD.

If you have more specific questions about reading data into VisAD, feel
free to ask me.

Any questions about the VisAD datatypes you should use should be sent
to the visad mailing list, since I'm not very good with the applications
side of VisAD.

If you do come up with a text file adapter, I'd *love* to get a copy to
include in VisAD.  It'd be nice to have something like that for beginners
to play with...

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