Re: Add new form in visad

"Peter X. Cao" wrote:
> Bill, et al.,
> I need to add an HDF5 data adaptor into visad so the SpreadSheet can read
> the data.
> I don't where to add my HDF5Form (extends Form implements FormFileInformer).
> I checked your code. FormFamily.addFormNode() seems the one to add new forms.
> I search all the code. I didn't see anywhere the function
> FormFamily.addFormNode()
> is used. How did you add your default forms, which are
> has a buildList() method which creates the list
of Forms.  Add an import statement at the top of the file, some code like:

        try {
          list[i] = new HDF5Form();
        } catch (Throwable t) {

near the end of that method, recompile, and the Spreadsheet should magically
start reading HDF5 files.

DefaultFamily is sort of my responsibility (I wrote it and I don't think
anyone else would want to claim it :-), so feel free to ask me any
questions about it.

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