Re: Queries from a couple of newbies

Dear anyone,

We're a student group working on a project for the Australian Bureau of
Metereology. We have some problems understanding Visad and were wondering
if there are more documentation hidden somewhere to 'enlighten' us.

Question 1:
Following is part of a CDL file:

float   latitude(recNum);
        latitude:long_name = "latitude";
        latitude:units      = "degree_north";
        latitude:reference  = "station table";

We convert this to a netCDF (.nc) file using 'ncgen'. What we would like
to know is: does the 'units' variable get used to define the units (as in
degrees, meters, etc.) of the Visad latitude RealType variable that is
extracted from the file. Also, are we allowed to define our variable type
ie. latitude:foo? Does this get inserted into a Visad type?

Question 2:
This is another netCDF question. If we define our data structures in the
CDL file with no data, is it possible to insert the data later? If so,
how do we do it?

Question 3:
Is there a way to convert a CDL file into netCDF in the Visad/other 
library? We are using the 'ncgen' program that we compiled the other day.

Thanks in advance.


   _--_|\     Eugene Tan <E.Tan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  /      \    AutoTAF Project Developer 
  \_.--.*/    Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
        v     Telephone: +613 9669 4652

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