Re: newbie: on Jikes

tomw wrote:
> What I use when compiling VisAD code is:
> export CLASSPATH='.;d:\src\;'
> export JIKESPATH='d:\jdk1.2\jre\lib\rt.jar;d:\src;.'
> I'm using U/WIN on NT, which is why this looks like this, but the
> key is to include the rt.jar file in there.  And this way, I can use
> javac or jikes.
> If you're only using jikes, you _should_ be able to just use:
> JIKESPATH=/jdk1.2/jre/lib/rt.jar:.:/opt1/java/Visad/visad.jar
> (or wherever your rt.jar file is...) and unset CLASSPATH.
> Hope that helps.  Dave may have other ideas, though...

Yup, Tom's right, although just to be sure, I add *all* the JRE jar files
to my JIKESPATH, which doesn't seem to hurt anything.  Here's some shell
code you can add to your .profile which automates this:

    # set Jikes path
    if [ ! -d "$JIKESTOP" ]; then
      echo "Warning: Top-level java directory \"$JIKESTOP\" does not exist" 1>&2
      for i in `find $JIKESTOP/lib -name '*.jar' -print`; do
    export JIKESPATH

(I initialize my JIKESPATH with "/home/dglo/prj" because I keep my VisAD
 sources in /home/dglo/prj/visad, and "." is in there so I can compile
 non-package Java sources.)

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