Re: another wind barb question

Ji Julien,

> Thanks for pointing me towards the main methods in
> BarbManipulationRendererJ2D
> BarbManipulationRendererJ3D
> BarbRendererJ2D
> BarbRendererJ3D
> Indeed, there are main methods that display wind barbs.
> My next question/comment:
> What I would ideally like to find is a method that returns a
> VisADGeometryArray of a wind barb. This array would then easily allow the
> creation of a shape object for display. 
> Does anyone know of such a method?

The barbs are "drawn" into float[] arrays in the staic methods
visad/bom/ShadowBarbRealTupleTypeJ*D.makeBarb().  You could
invoke one of those methods, then use the float[] arrays to
create VisADLineArrays and VisADTriangleArrays (for the 50 kt
flags), as is done in the static staticMakeFlow() methods of
the same classes.  Note however that these include some complex
logic for adjusting for coordinate transforms.

I'm a little curious why you want to render barb gemetries
into VisAD shapes, rather than just rendering barbs as is done
from BarbRendererJ*D.main()?

Bill Hibbard

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