Re: wind barbs

Julien Chastang wrote:

> Hello.
> In the visad javadoc there are some methods that pertain to wind barbs.
> These methods include:
> BarbManipulationRendererJ2D
> BarbManipulationRendererJ3D
> BarbRendererJ2D
> BarbRendererJ3D
> Does anyone have code that actually displays wind barbs with visad using
> these methods? If yes, could someone send me some examples of such code?
> I was unable to find any examples in the visad source code examples
> directory.
> Thank you for your help.
> --
> Julien

Hello Juelien

There is a main method  available in each of the following


So you can run (visad\bom>java,
and also study codes regarding wind barbs creations and manipulations.

All of the above classes can be found in visad\bom\     .

Ko Ko

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