Re: Wrong Java version? Could s.b. try my data-file?

>I got one data-file that causes the SpreadSheet to crash.
>(I attached the error message below);
>I run
>java version "1.2"
>Solaris VM (build Solaris_JDK_1.2_01_dev06_fcsV, native threads,
>Do I need a newer version of the JDK?
>I got the newest version of visad installed.
>Could s.b. try to import that datafile on a Sun Sparc and
>tell me if that causes problems. Thanks.
>The datafile can be downloaded from

I tested this data file with the SpreadSheet on our Solaris
machine and didn't encounter any problems.  The data loads
fine and displays as a ten-step animation.  I'd say obtaining
the latest version of the JDK is worth trying.


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