Focus Policy

I have a panel (MAIN) with Swing components on the left and a VisAD 3-D
surface on the right.  When I map another panel (TEXT) on top and move
the cursor over the left side of MAIN I get the expected behavior:
TEXT stays mapped on top of MAIN.  However if I move the cursor right
into the VisAD window of MAIN, then TEXT moves under MAIN (obscuring TEXT).
This is disconcerting to the users of my application.  Note, this only
happens under Win 98/NT.  On Solaris TEXT continues to stay mapped on top of
MAIN unless I specifically click on the window frame of MAIN.  Does
anyone have a solution for this problem?  I'm not sure if the problem is
related to VisAD, Swing, Java3D, or the Win operating system.

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