Re: visad/SUSE 6.2/Jeevan/JavaWorkshop/Jikes

"Gottfried F. Zojer" wrote:
> First I will use JavaWorkshop to compile the Source under Linux (SUSE
> 6.1 later
> if it works I will update to 6.2).

I haven't done this (though I believe JavaWorkshop just uses the JRE to
compile, so there shouldn't be any problems.)

> I read also that somebody compiled the
> Visad-source
> with Jikes.Was this Jikes under Linux.

No, I've only built it on Solaris.  There shouldn't be any difference
building it on Linux, though, since Jikes is just a compiler.

> And at least is there any
> reference how to
> use Visad from a database because I evalutate at the moment Jeevan a in
> Java written
> OO-Database.

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