Re: display updates

>We have a GUI with JTabbedPanes and a different VisAD DisplayImplJ2D on
>each (so you can see only one display at a time). When we update the
>data, each display flashes on the GUI as the display updates leaving a
>display showing that doesn't correspond to the selected Tab. The only
>solution I found so far is to remove the data references from all the
>displays except the one on the active TabbedPane. Is there a better way
>te keep the hidden displays from showing themselves as they update?


One thing you could try would be to remove the DisplayPanelJ2Ds from
the tabs that are hidden, and only add back the one that is currently
visible, so that the others don't act on calls to repaint().  Or you
could try setting the clipping rectangle of the non-visible displays
to size (0, 0).  I admit that I don't know much about Java2D though,
so I'm not sure if the latter option would work.


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