Re: Problems

Hi Camilo,

I am traveling in Australia now and using pine to read my
email.  It cannot read the message you sent - all I get is
what you see at the bottom of this message.  This often
happens when people use Microsoft Word to send email.

Please resend your message as ordinary ASCII text from
netscape or some ordinary mailer, and not as an attachment.

Microsoft purposely arranges there software not to be able
to communicate with other softare, in order to force everyone
to use Microsoft software.  I recommend that you not use
Microsoft software to communicate with others.

Thank you,
Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Camilo Marulanda wrote:

  [NON-Text Body part not included]

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