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> I'm a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are
> trying to develop a software in the Civil Engineering Department, and we
> would like to use your two products VisAD and Vis5D (We are working with
> Windows NT). We followed the instruction from the VISAD README file, we also
> downloaded JDK 1.2.2, and Java 3D, but we have some problems compiling the
> program. In the Readme file from the Java 3D we saw that OPENGL is required.
> We worked without downloading any software, but after seeing that we couldn't
> compile the program,  we downloaded a opengl version direct from Microsoft.
> You can find as an attachment the errors that we are getting.  We appreciate
> if you can help us solving this problems


Your compilation errors look to be the result of an incorrectly set
CLASSPATH variable.  Try setting your CLASSPATH to the parent directory
of your VisAD directory and the current directory.  For example, if you
installed VisAD into "C:\java\visad" then at the command prompt, type:
  set CLASSPATH=C:\java;.

Also, Windows NT comes with OpenGL, and you shouldn't use the version
that Microsoft provides unless your default OpenGL installation has
problems (e.g., you see strange white lines and polygon fragments in your
Java3D displays).

Let the list know if you have any more problems.


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