VisAD with relation to Vis5D

I was wondering how VisAD compares in features to its predecessor, Vis5D, 
and what incentives Vis5D developers would have in moving up to VisAD 
(besides the obvious advantage of platform independence, of course).  
Which product has more features at this point?  If the answer to that 
last question is Vis5D, then is it in the cards for VisAD to eventually 
be as functional?  

I have not worked with Vis5D myself, so to find an answer I perused 
through the FAQs of both VisAD and Vis5D, as well as the Developer's 
Guide for VisAD.  I couldn't really find quite what I was looking for; 
perhaps I simply overlooked something.  In that case, a simple kick in 
the right direction would be of great help.

Thanks once again,
Vikram Vatsa <v.vatsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Computer Sciences Corp.

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