Display questions


I have a 3D display with terrain, satellite, lightning,...

1) My satellite data looks like (lon,lat) --> val, and I'd like it to
sit near the "bottom" of the box (low on the Z axis). I tried various
combinations of constant maps to Display.ZAxis and Display.ZAxisOffset
as arguments to Display.addReference with no luck, it just sits in the
middle of the box. I don't really want to complicate the data type. I
would settle for (lon,lat,lev) --> val but I can't get that to render
the data in any way other than points. Is (lon,lat) --> (val,z) my only

2) Speaking of points..., the terrain looks pretty cool in point mode,
but I'd like the satellite as a surface.
GraphicsModeControl.setPointMode() applies to the entire display. Is
there a way to display one field in point mode and another not?


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