Re: util control?

I sent a reply to Martin Dieringer's message last Thursday but due to some
mistakes on the part of admin people at SSEC, my message never reached the
list.  Just in case anyone else wants to see it, here's my original message:

cc: jim schmidt <>, VisAD List <visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm only answering the questions Bill didn't address.

Martin Dieringer wrote:
> - The Makefile contains /bin/true and false, but they're in /usr/bin
>   on my system (FreeBSD). Would be nice to have at least a variable

This should be fixed in the next update.

This is especially embarrassing since I run FreeBSD on my home machine :-)

Are you using the Linux Java2 compiler to build on FreeBSD, or is there
a native compiler I don't know about?

> - why are visad.* classes not imported in the util classes? I get errors
>   of not finding classes from the visad package there. Other similar errors
>   with for exampler ucar.netcdf classes.

There are a few debugging programs which aren't really part of VisAD.
These typically don't have a 'package visad;' at the top.  Are those
the classes you're referring to?

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