compiling visad

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Dave Glowacki wrote:

> I'm only answering the questions Bill didn't address.
> Martin Dieringer wrote:
> > - The Makefile contains /bin/true and false, but they're in /usr/bin
> >   on my system (FreeBSD). Would be nice to have at least a variable
> This should be fixed in the next update.
> This is especially embarrassing since I run FreeBSD on my home machine :-)

nice :-)

> Are you using the Linux Java2 compiler to build on FreeBSD, or is there
> a native compiler I don't know about?

Yes, I use the Linux "pre-v2". I gave up compiling the SDK myself.
I use jikes to compile as much of visad as it can, then switch to javac 
and "make recompile" ;-)
Would be nice to have the Makefile telling you this option.

> > - why are visad.* classes not imported in the util classes? I get errors
> >   of not finding classes from the visad package there. Other similar errors
> >   with for exampler ucar.netcdf classes.
> There are a few debugging programs which aren't really part of VisAD.
> These typically don't have a 'package visad;' at the top.  Are those
> the classes you're referring to?

I added the import visad.*; into all sources in the visad.util package.
But I think I just had set my CLASSPATH wrong, so this might really not be
necessary. (I had it at "..", not the actual directory name.)
If the Makefile would be in the root directory, you just would need a "." in
your CLASSPATH and could compile everything from there?
Or set it in the Makefile? Well, I see that you have
to go through the directory tree for native code.

The test program in ucar.tests needs to change the package to ucar.tests, not
ucar.test .
I think I can't use native code programs with the linux jdk on FreeBSD,
can I? There would be a lot to change. And the FORTRAN programs don't compile
nicely with f2c (complains about variable declarations after DATA blocks)
And the hdf package I got from the FreeBSD ports seems not to be compatible.

For me it works quite well now. But if I have to do all the changes every
time a new release comes out, it is quite a lot of work ;-) 
It would be nice to include the date in the filename, so that you know 
whether it's newer than the one you already have.

thanks for your answers

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