Distributed Computing confusion


I have a data server running with VisAD data objects only (no display).
I have a client that gets data references from the server (based on
Test14,15) and does the display. I am having some confusion about where
I need to use Remote objects.

- Does my client need a RemoteDisplayImpl or can I add
RemoteDataReference's to a local DisplayImpl? I read that one can add a
RemoteDataReferenceImpl to a local DisplayImpl, but I can't seem to cast
my RemoteDataReference to a RemoteDataReferenceImpl. I'll settle for a
simple "Yes" here. I have it working, but I don't want to add extra
overhead if it is not needed.

- The client application needs to get some data values (doubles) from
the server. When I run the server as part of the same JVM (using none of
the Remote stuff) I can use the DataReference getData method and cast
that to a FieldImpl and call its getValues method. Running remotely, I
can't seem to cast the results of the (remote)DataReference getData
method to something like RemoteFieldImpl so I can call a getValues
method. Do I need a RemoteFieldImpl on the server?


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