Spread Sheet Mouse Listeners

                I've used your fancySScell in my prog to display netCDF 
files.  The problem I have is that I also have a popup menu 
assigned to the right mouse button (or whatever it might be.)

I also want to add a listener to the SSCell so that if a right click 
happens over the cell, the popup menu is displayed.  Currently 
though popup menu's won't display over the cell and mouse events 
don't work.

My guess is that the SSCell has its own mouse handling stuff and 
is capturing my clicks before my functions can handle it.  As to 
why the menu doesn't display over the cell even when the click isn't 
on the cell i don't know...

If you could help that would be great..


Rick Frankel
Monash University
Clayton, Victoria, Australia

Batchelor Of Computer Science...

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