Re: Missing data

>everything seems to be working, except for the 3D part.  I have installed
>java3D (OpenGL).  what else is needed to access the 3D feature?

As long as you have installed Java3D to the JRE subdirectory of your JDK
installation, Java3D support should work automatically.  The fact that you
were able to compile VisAD without errors shows that you have Java3D
installed correctly.

What happens when you try to run a 3-D application?  If you are getting an
exception, please send it to the list.  If you are seeing a corrupted
display (e.g., the window is filled with random white lines or polygon
fragments), then there are bugs in your OpenGL drivers.  You can fix it by
updating your video card drivers to the latest version.  If you already
have the latest version of your card's drivers, then there are still
OpenGL bugs, and you can use Microsoft's Windows 95 OpenGL drivers
available at
However, these drivers do not support hardware acceleration, and thus your
3-D displays will be slow to update.


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