Re: VisAD and Jikes

[Sorry, I didn't see this message until just now...]

Steve Emmerson wrote:
> > I did some tests here and found that 'jikes' on our Solaris machine
> > built VisAD in roughly 40% of the time taken by 'javac' (9.5 minutes
> > for 'jikes', 25.5 minutes for 'javac'.)
> Cool!  What about timing tests of the resulting bytecode?

'jikes' should generate code similar to that generated by 'javac'.
(It's just a compiler, not an optimizer or replacement JVM.)

All 'jikes' does is replace the Java-coded compiler with one written
in C++ which, in my opinion, is a good thing, for at least the short
term.  When you're running a compiler, you don't really want to pay
the 2 second price of starting up a JVM only to spend half a second
compiling a single Java class.

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