VisAD and Jikes

'jikes' is a Java compiler from IBM, available for AIX, Linux, Solaris,
Win95 and WinNT.

I did some tests here and found that 'jikes' on our Solaris machine
built VisAD in roughly 40% of the time taken by 'javac' (9.5 minutes
for 'jikes', 25.5 minutes for 'javac'.)

The most recent version of VisAD available for FTP has support for
'jikes' compilation ... instead of typing 'make compile', you can type
'make jikes_compile' and VisAD will be built using 'jikes'.  You can
also uncomment the "JC = jikes" and "JFLAGS =" lines in the Makefile
and use 'jikes' with the "make compile" and "make recompile" rules.

The only external difference between 'jikes' and 'javac' is that 'jikes'
requires you to explicitly list the standard Java and Java3D jar files
in your CLASSPATH.  (Or, if you don't want to clutter up your CLASSPATH,
'jikes' will also look for a JIKESPATH.)

You can download 'jikes' from

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