Re: Getting Help on VisAD SpreadSheet

Dear S.D Senaratne,

To check whether TCP/IP is installed on your Windows 98 machine, go to
the Control Panel and choose the Network icon.  If it is installed,
TCP/IP should be listed as an available protocol.  If it is not, you
can add it by clicking the "Add" button and going through the steps to
add TCP/IP to your system (you might need your Windows 98 CD).

> My home computer is not connected to a network. But in my computer
> in the University which is working on WindowsNT environment I was
> able to execute the SpreadSheet application without any error and it
> is connected to the network.  But in the Display menu 'Java3D' is
> disabled, although I have installed Java3D and the icons are not
> visible in the button bar.

Check your visad\ss directory and see if you have all of the GIF
files for the SpreadSheet.  There should be eleven in total.  If you
are missing the GIF files, that would explain why there are no icons
on the button bar.  If the GIF files are there, make sure that your
CLASSPATH environment variable includes the parent directory of your
visad directory.

Hope this helps, and let the list know if you still have problems.


Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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