netCDF & SpreadSheet question; visualising a network structure

Dear VisAd users,

my apologies if I miss the obvious, but how do I use the netCDF file format
to save a datastructure like that:
I have a set of n nodes and for each node I have a list of ingoing edges and
The best way to think of it, is like the internet.
I have a set of routers and for every router a list of other routers connected 
it. How do I save sth. like that easily in netCDF?

Suppose I use the SpreadSheet prg. to display my datastructure,  I map the x,y,z
coordinates of
the nodes of  the X,Y and Z coordinate. How can I tell SpreadSheet to draw a
straight line
to connect some of my nodes, which I specify?

Sorry if that mail is a big vague, I hope it makes sense,

Thanks for your time,

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