Getting Help on Visad SpreadSheet

Dear Bill Hibbart,

With reference to the e-mail dated  24 June 1999, I downloaded the latest
version of Visad package and compiled it successfully. But I encountered a
problem in executing the SpreadSheet Application.

Problem encountered:

I'm working on Windows98 environment in my home computer. I tried to execute
the application using 'java -mx64m' but it gave the

"cannot construct spreadsheet cells. A remote error occurred: Listen failed on 
port:0; nested exception is: Option unsupported by
protocol: create"

My home computer is not connected to a network. But in my computer in the
University which is working on WindowsNT environment I was able to execute the 
SpreadSheet application without any error and it is connected to the network.
But in the Display menu 'Java3D' is disabled, although I have installed
Java3D and the icons are not visible in the button bar.

Please be kind enough to support me in this situation.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
S.D Senaratne

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