Getting Help on Visad

Dear Bill Hibbard,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply regarding the Visad SpreadSheet
error message. 
As you requested here are some information to diagnose the problem.

I was able to run the demos in the visad\examples directory successfully.

I have installed Java3D v1.1.2

I was unable to run the sample data sets in the SpreadSheet because I was
even unable to execute the SpreadSheet Application.  

I compiled package from the visad/ss directory using 'javac -J-mx32m
*.java'. It was successful.

When I try to execute it using 'java -mx64m' it gives
the error message "Cannot create displays" in a pop up message box.

But according to the SpreadSheet file the files and are not in the package?

Finally according to your second e-mail I'll re-install the Visad package
and let you know the progress.

Thanking you,

Your sincerely,
S.D Senaratne

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