Getting Help on Visad

Dear Sir,

I'm an undergraduate in University of Colombo Sri Lanka. Currently I'm
engaged with my final year project which is based on numeric data set
visualisation. I thought of doing this in Java associating Java3D API.
Fortunately, while surfing the web I found the Visad package which will very
useful to me regarding this matter. Thank you very much for publishing even
the source code so generously. I downloaded the source code and compiled it

I encountered an error message while trying to execute  the SpreadSheet
Application. It gave me the error "Cannot create displays" in a pop up
message box. I am working on windows environment (WindowsNT) and I have done
everything according to the Readme file.

So please be kind enough to send me alternative ways to get rid of this. I
will keep in touch throughout my project in erroneous situations.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
S.D Senaratne.

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